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Has given us a tremendous improvement in the ability to manage and control the event log. Tali Rosenfarl - Event Center.

Our service as a quick, courteous, and professional event user. Elkana Silberman - Events Center Neot Efal.

The event provides us with an answer to all the parameters, and is one of the main factors for managing a successful event .. Elkana

Event management software

The service is excellent and the interface is friendly and easy ... Irene Salomon-Ganei Zvi.

Event - is the most efficient and easy-to-use software with the most advanced interface for managing banquet halls and event service providers ...

The most advanced and friendly program management with a log in full synchronization to Google Calendar

High class service! Patient and courteous people solve everything

Only one thing should be said: 1. Amazing people alike - Ruti Meir and Oshri. 2. Those who need to be serviced then at any time are at your disposal, 3. In short it is strongly recommended that you truly understand the software world. Events from Haifa.

We are a Panda company. DJs have been using this program for a year and are very satisfied. The business has become much more organized and efficient. Thank you very much, strongly recommend.

I received excellent service and fast handling. Oshri made sure to come back with answers and updates after a few minutes. Many thanks for the service - this is not obvious. Tal Saydon - Office Manager OCEAN

We would like to point out that the service connects to a satisfactory event. In addition, we would like to point out that Meir has joined every request and is always happy to help and feel it in every way. Thank you and there is Power of Events Ltd.

Thank you very much for the faithful service and dedicated violin halls

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